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Social Media Analyst - Temporary

- Construction of brand strategies in the digital environment;
- Responsible for creating attractive and quality content with interactions according to the brand's language;
- Interaction with users generating relationship between brand and consumer;
- Analyze the brand, competitors, build brand persona, brand voice and the pillars of content;
- Analyze the brand's day to day, generate insights, have ideas on how this can be useful and develop new strategies;
- Monitoring all publications and interactions of the company;
- Strategically defining the content: What are the best schedules for publications, frequency of posting and content types;
- Responsible for monthly analysis reports and campaigns.
- Analysis of social media data to find opportunities and analyze strategies;
- Good sensitivity to note the opportunities.
Location: São Paulo / SP.
Cadastrado em 09/10/2019
Local de trabalho place São Paulo / SP
Horário de trabalho access_time a combinar
Faixa salarial attach_money À combinar
Tipo de contratação work_outline Temporário
Habilidades necessárias gesture Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Benefícios check Vale-transporte

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